by My Gloomy Machine

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A sick society only creates sick people…
The world is condamned to a slow and painful decay, but still, it will urge you to be one with it, to be ”something special”, to wonder ”how wonderful your future will be”. But, for some people, for some of us, life isn’t that simple, it can be harsh and unfair, it doesn’t always work that way.

Some of us get anxious with that overthinking pattern and we don’t want to face it alone, we don’t want to die and be alone. Like a knife in the scars of the past, anxiety hurts you, traps you and leads you to dark regions of your mind you never thought existed, you even lose control of your body. You need help, you know you need help.
Unsteady loneliness forces you to adapt, do the best you can, take one small step ahead, until you make a few and accept that ”life is short” and that you ”need to make the most it”. But your self-esteem is awfully broken, like billions of cervical wires crushed under the pressure of being normal, of being stable, of putting a mask on you don’t want anymore.

Being good is hard, being bad is always easy. Maybe you need pills to go through it? Or maybe you simply need tender loving care, you need love, you need to be loved, you need to fall in love? Love isn’t something we invented, maybe it means something more? Maybe it’s the only thing that can save you? Maybe you’re looking for salvation? Maybe you need it like a drug? Maybe you’re emotionally dependent? But, never forget, you’re doing the best you can. It’s too late to save the world, sometimes, you have to save yourself.



released September 8, 2015

Written, composed, edited and produced by Seb Roy
Mastering by Frank Riggio
Artwork by Ynoji & THEPOSTHUMAN




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